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Changes to TeeTimeHelper.com

Set up tee times easier with an improved CAPTCHA

We made some nice changes to TeeTimeHelper recently. We are using a different CAPTCHA which is easier to read. Captcha is the security code when creating a golf event or sending messages through our contact form. We use this in order to make sure robots aren't using our system, it guarantees that a human is entering the data.

"Cloning" a golf event preserves user names

Also, we improved up the clone golf event feature. If the user has entered a preferred name we preserve this info so it is automatically added when the next event is set up. We are trying to make TeeTimeHelper as useful and efficient as possible, so we do not require registration accounts by all your golfers in your golf groups. But information they add will automatically carry over so that they don't have to enter it every time.We also fixed a bug in the clone event which resulted in adding the event administrator twice.

Send custom messages to your group

We added the ability for the event organizer to send a custom message the golfers in an event. The event organizer can send the message to all the golfers, just golfers who have RSVP'd YES, just golfers who have RSVP'd NO, or golfers who have not RSVP'd. Please enjoy this feature and keep your golf group updated!

Add multiple golfers to an event

Due to a suggestion from a user we now support an easy way to add multiple users to an event instead of going through them one by one. The interface is similar to the initial event setup where you put in a list of golfer's e-mail addresses. This is under the "Add a bunch of golfers" link on the event status page

Golf event clone feature added

A new "clone" feature was added for the administrator. This allows the event organizer to create a new event by prefilling much of the same golf event settings as the current event. A confirm page is show to make any changes before the event information is actually sent.

E-mail confirmations for the administrator

Due to feedback from our users the event administrator will now get an e-mail notification whenever a golfer changes their tee time or RSVP. This should keep the admin up to date on the latest changes and provide an easy link to follow to see the event in its entirety.

One waiting list

The waiting list is now on a per event basis, instead of a per tee time basis. Previously this could have result in multiple waiting lists which is confusing. This will simplify things into one waiting list which is more clear.

Waiting list & new tee times

When a new tee time is added the waiting list is automatically checked to see if any golfers should be added to the new tee time. An e-mail confirmation is sent for those golfers who moved off of the waiting list.


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