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Fill out the form below to become a TeeTimeHelper affiliate. Once the form is submitted you will be provided a link which contains your unique affilate code.

When a visitor clicks on your link we track them using your unique code. When a sale is made we credit your account.

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Join our network of influencers, bloggers, and golfers who earn with our incredible affiliate program Refer your followers, friends, golf groups or any golfer to use our services Earn amazing 35% commissions form direct referrals and 10% from 2nd tier referrals

Commision Rate
(for lifetime of subscriptions)
2nd Tier Commission Rate
(for lifetime of all 2nd tier subscriptions)
Payout Threshold
365 Days
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You earn a 35% commission for the lifetime of the subscription for all direct referrals.
You earn a 10% commission for the lifetime of any subscription from all 2nd tier referrals.

  • Commission payments sent via PayPal or Zell
  • Payments are made at the end of each month and after a minimum balance of $50 is accrued
  • Account balances less than $50 carry over to the following month
  • Referrals must be new to TeeTimehelper (not already exist in our database)
  • Direct referrals must make the first payment within one year after clicking your affiliate link

  • Restricted activities

  • Sending unsolicited emails with your affiliate link
  • Self referring (when you create another account while referring yourself)
  • Don't use the term or variations of "TeeTimeHelper" in PPC advertising

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