TeeTimeHelper Rates

Free 30 Day Trial - Cancel Anytime
Your trial starts after your first event
Rates only apply to the event organizer
TeeTimeHelper is free for your members

Up to 20 Members

3 Months
Total Cost: $20.97
One time Payment
4 Months
Total Cost: $27.96
One time Payment
5 Months
Total Cost: $34.95
One time Payment
6 Months
Total Cost: $41.94
One time Payment

Less Group SizesMonthly Rates

Are you charging the administrator or the members?
Only the administrator pays the fee. TeeTimeHelper is free for all your members.

What are the benefits of a paid account?
You get unlimited use of TeeTimeHelper to organize your events. Paid accounts do not show ads for your entire group.

Can another member share the same subscription?
Yes, you can add extra admins to your paid subscription. Up to 20 members plans may add an one extra admin, 50 member plans are allowed two extra admins, and larger plans may add three extra admins.

Where can I see the status of my subscription?
Access your settings here or press the `Settings` icon located at the top of every event.

How do I cancel?
Simply send us a message to cancel your subscription.

Please contact us with any questions!