Free 30 Day Trial - Cancel Anytime
Your trial starts after your first event
  • Rates only apply to the event organizer
  • TeeTimeHelper is free for all invitees

  • Groups up to 15 members
    Groups up to 50 members
    Monthly rate: $12.99
    Groups up to 100 members
    Monthly rate: $19.99
    Groups up to 250 members
    Monthly rate: $29.99

    Less Group SizesYearly Rates

    3-6 Month Rates


    Are you charging the administrator or the members?
    Only the administrator pays the fee. TeeTimeHelper is free for all invitees.

    What are the benefits of a paid account?
    You get unlimited use of TeeTimeHelper to organize your events.

    Will my subscription renew at the same rate?
    All recurring payments will be billed at the same rate provided it renews continuously.

    Can another member share the same subscription?
    You can add two more admins to your subscription. Contact support once payment is completed.

    How do I cancel?
    Cancel future payments at any time by clicking on "Settings" at the top of any event page.

    Please contact us with any questions.