Easily Organize and Manage Tee Times for Golf Groups

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Why is TeeTimeHelper Better? Here's an example:

Imagine you're the organizer, and you book two tee times and have 20 people in your group:

The Old Way
Each member receive 23 e-mails
  • You send out e-mail to everyone
  • 15 people reply-all with their rsvp status
  • Frank can't play with Mark because he's too slow
  • Michelle says maybe, depends on the weather
  • Harold invites 4 of his friends without asking
  • Murray forwards a bunch of stale jokes to everyone
  • 10 people want to play, create a waiting list
  • Ellen is now sick
  • Joe prefers to play a "game" with Bob
  • You try to figure out who is playing
  • Rodger cancels, so update waiting list and notify
  • Rick's is in town now and wants to play
  • Glen said "no" right away, but received 23 e-mails.
  • You throw your hands up and tell the eight people to show up and you'll figure out the groups at the golf course
  • The TeeTimeHelper Way
    Each member receives 2 e-mails
  • We send e-mail to your list with an RSVP link
  • Golfers RSVP
  • You and the golfers can check the status at any time, and are only e-mailed when relevant events change
  • You enjoy your round!

  • That was for two tee times, now imagine ten tee times!