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Golf event organizers use TeeTimeHelper.com to send invites and track RSVPs free

Lincolnshire, IL, March 28th, 2012 - Golf event organizers are frustrated setting up golf events using traditional methods such as group e-mail announcements and spreadsheets. Common problems include too many e-mails, lack of up-to-date information, tracking mistakes, and unnecessary stress.

TeeTimeHelper.com provides free tools to easily organize golf groups, invite golfers, and track RSVPs online. TeeTimeHelper is a self contained RSVP system designed to let an organizer invite golfers for one tee time or an entire outing for a large group with multiple tee times.

"I was surprised at the lack of tools available for golf event organizers", said Sam Roseman. "I've been in golf groups using the e-mail and spreadsheet system and it just drives everyone crazy. TeeTimeHelper.com saves time and keeps everyone informed of the status of the event. It reduces stress for everyone."

TeeTimeHelper.com is free, simple to use, and does not require a login by the organizer or players to RSVP. A waiting list is automatically used in case there are too many RSVP's for a tee time. TeeTimeHelper.com streamlines the golf RSVP process and makes the event more enjoyable for the organizer and golfers.

For additional information contact Sam Roseman 888-388-5627 x116

TeeTimeHelper.com is a free RSVP system to organize tee times for your golf group.

TeeTimeHelper.com was founded in 2012 in order to provide free online tools for the golfing community.

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