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TeeTimeHelper is simple to use. Our one page golf event setup form requires no login or registration for you or your invitees. You simply fill out the fields and we take care of sending the invitations and keeping track of everything. Below are the steps and some tips to get you started.

Find available tee times

First, call your golf course and book a tee time or set of tee times, or at least find out what is available. If you have a large group you may need to add tee times based on RSVP's so try to leave room in that case.

Prepare your invite list

Once you have a date and tee times, or proposed set of tee times you will need the e-mail addresses for everyone you wish to invite. Note that you can always add additional golfers at a later time. When you submit the form to create the event we will check if everything is in order and inform you of any errors. It is helpful to keep a master list of e-mail addresses to create future golf events quickly.

Create your Golf Event

Now that you have all the information you can invite your golf group.

Don't worry if you need to add or change anything, you are not locked into your initial settings on TeeTimeHelper.com. As the event organizer you can:

  • Add tee times
  • Remove tee times
  • Change tee times

  • Change the event organizer name
  • Change the event organizer's e-mail

  • Edit the golf course name
  • Edit the golf event date
  • Edit whether your golfers are able to send requests to invite other golfers

  • Move golfers between tee times
  • Un-rsvp golfers

  • Send messages to the entire group, golfers who RSVP'd YES, golfers who RSVP'd No, or golfers who have not responded
  • View invites that have bounced and ability to correct the e-mail

  • Invite additional golfers
  • Remove the entire event
  • Once your event is created we send out an e-mail to everyone with information on how to RSVP. We keep track who is playing, not playing, and waiting lists. TeeTimeHelper.com informs people of activity that is relevant to them, minimizing e-mails.

    For example, if someone moves off a waiting list into the tee time this is important and they are sent an e-mail notification.

    Periodically check the golf event status

    Once the event is created you can just relax and check the status at your leisure. Your golfer can do the same. Then enjoy your round!

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