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TeeTimeHelper gives you the tools to invite, organize, and communicate with your golf group. Easily setup events and track RSVPs without spreadsheets - all while staying in control of your group.

In addition to tracking RSVPs, we support multiple tee times, automatic waiting list, real-time access and so much more. Administrators can send messages based on RSVP status, lock/unlock events, and randomize events. Each event has a separate chatroom for members to communicate.

Invites can be sent via email by TeeTimeHelper or you can tap the app icons to share an invite link with SMS, Messenger, Whatsapp, or any other messenger service. You can send some invites via email and others using the invite link for the same event. Any combination will work!

Absolutely! After you create an event simply tap the app appropriate icon to share an invite link. You can also copy and paste the invite link to any other messenger service, social media site or web site.

We will NEVER provide emails to third parties or send third party advertisements to your members.

See our full privacy policy here.

TeeTimeHelper is free with ads for groups with 15 members or less. All paid plans remove the ads for the admin and all members. We offer a full 30 day trial for larger groups and have full year discounts. Please see our rates for more information.

Each event you create can have a different list which you enter only once. To create your next event simply clone a previous event to prefill the member list. The 'Clone' button is under the 'Event Options'.

The add event wizard also allows you to copy a member list from a previous event.

Please use the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Yes, upon a 'Yes' RSVP the member has the option to fill out their tee time with other available members.

Yes, we currently have groups over 200 members!

Extra admins are available based on your paid subscription. Contact support to add additional administrators.

You can check reviews of TeeTimeHelper on Facebook Reviews and Google Reviews, and our testimonial page.

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