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TeeTimeHelper is free with ads for groups with 15 members or less. All paid plans remove the ads for the admin and all members. We offer a full 30 day trial for larger groups and have full year discounts. Please see our rates for more information.

Group members are free. Only the admin pays the fee which covers the entire group.

There is no account origination fee or any other fees beyond the monthly/yearly amount.

You can make a one time payment for 3-6 months without a subscription. Alternatively, you can subscribe monthly and cancel when you are finished for the year.

You can add up to two additional admins for your paid account. Please contact us with the e-mail addresses of your extra admins.

Extra admins have the same permissions as the paying admin - as long as they are invited to the event. They can also create new events just like the paying admin.

Rates are based on the largest group size for your events. The group size is the number of invitees for your group. Please see our rates. for details on group sizes and cost.

You can cancel at any time, just send us a message.

Yes, we offer 3-6 month fixed payments without monthly or yearly renewal.

Admins love TeeTimeHelper and are not shy about giving TeeTimeHelper reviews.

To change your plan, subscribe to a new plan and we will cancel the first subscription with a prorated refund.

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